Man Camp Express

“This camp is changing the world, one heart at a time”

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 Man Camp Express – Sat 17th July 2021

Man Camp has been successfully run since 2014. The impact of the teaching at each of these camps has been life changing for many. The experience of getting away with a bunch of blokes, being inspired by awesome teaching and impacted by the move of the Holy Spirit, is indescribable without being there. You won’t find a previous attendee who doesn’t light up and get excited when sharing their experience of Man Camp. We trusted in the Lord to use this camp and these men to change the world, one heart at a time and we have not been disappointed.

Now it’s your turn to experience a touch of Man Camp without needing to leave work early, save up money or get a weekend pass. Man Camp Express is a single day event that will let you experience a taste of being in the company of solid Christian men to go deeper into being the man you were created to be.

Arrive:  8:00am Saturday 17th July 2021

Finish: 3:00pm Saturday 17th July 2021

Where: Axis Church, 1 Gardenia Pde, North Lakes

Registration: by 15th July 2021 by texting Paul on 0437 629 945.

About the day:

We are super excited to be hosting this year’s Man Camp Express on 17th July 2021 at Axis Church (1 Gardenia Pde, North Lakes, QLD).  Mike Hardie – our guest speaker at our last Men’s Breakfast, is again our guest speaker for this Man Camp Express day.

This day will transform the way you think and feel about yourself, but more importantly, it will transform the way you interact with others close to you.

Everyone has influence over someone.

The problem is…

Most people don’t know how their voice can be best used. Some don’t know that it’s possible to know your voice, others are insecure in their voice and have been told it is unimportant, while others immaturely overuse their voice and dominate the airwaves.

This day is designed to help us discover our own voice and be empowered to use it effectively, so people experience us in healthy and mature ways.

When we operate securely in our own voice, we understand better the unique individual God has created; and when we learn to value the voices of others, we end up with stronger relationships, healthier and more dynamic teams and have a greater appreciation and awareness of others around us, such as:

  • Greater Self-Awareness – Understand what it is like for others to be on the other side of your voice.
  • Clear Communication – Be able to communicate what you mean without people taking it the wrong way and getting offended.
  • Quicker Decision Making – Learn how to listen better, ask helpful questions, and make quicker decisions.

The four sessions on the day include:

  1. Discover the characteristics of the different voices and how to transform your relationships.
  2. Learn how to identify and steer away from using your voice in a way that undermines your influence and pushes others away.
  3. How to better support and challenge those you work and live with in ways that liberate others.
  4. Communication tools that will help you become a better communicator and team contributor.

Most people walk away from these four sessions feeling deeply encouraged, a little challenged and most importantly equipped to navigate the key relationships in their life with simple tools that bring the best out in us and those we live and work with.

Plan on arriving around 8:00am for an 8:30 start.  We’ll provide a pen and notebook, water bottle, morning tea and lunch.  The plan is to wrap up around 3:00pm.

Cost is $50 (pay on the day by cash or card).

Perhaps you know of people in your team who would also benefit from this day. Feel free to share this webpage with others.

Register by 15th July 2021 to Paul on 0437 629 945

Click here for a 60 second video of Mike talking about the day

For questions, please email – or call Nick on 0423 381 081 or Paul on 0437 629 945,

We look forward to spending the day with you.

Be blessed

Axis Ministry to Men team

Ps. There have been some donations to cover extra places on the day.  So don’t let a lack of funds hold you back.  Just ask.

“Understanding my voice has validated me to step into being the man God originally created me to be, not trying to be the man I thought others wanted me to be.” Paul Smith