Man Camp 2014

Comments from Man Camp 2014

“All the talks were really well delivered and deep. They promoted large amounts of thought and reflection. Just all round awesome sessions 10/10”

“Did not have any expectation as I was invited to come here by (a friend). I see a lot more – My eyes have been opened wider. I know how I can help others who can not see what is happening in their lives. Great venue, great speakers, would/will recommend this to others”

“An excellent event. So looking forward to 2015 camp.”

“The Lord has called!”

“Look forward to next camp. Learnt a lot this weekend that has strengthened my relationship with God and will help me to grow in grace.”

“A truly inspirational weekend and journey. My thanks to you all for carrying out your call from God.”

“I’ve enjoyed every aspect of this weekend. the planning and preparation couldn’t have been better for the end product. I have felt significant impact for myself and know that what I’ve learnt and discussed here will have significant impact on my own mens group. Thank you all for your intentional hard work and commitment to share Gods calling.”









Missed Man Camp 2014 ? Listen to the messages here.


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