Man Camp 2015

Man Camp 2015

Photos and Podcasts coming soon.

Man Camp 2015 was blessed to have almost 70 men attend across the weekend. Hearts were turned, bodies were healed, forgiveness was found and the Holy Spirit was abundant amongst us.

Some of the feedback we have been blessed with this year:

“This camp is changing the world, one heart at a time”

“Thanks very much for organising the event, it has impacted me and I have absolutely no doubt you and the team redirected the lives of every single attendee.”

“I’ve never been on a camp before where the program totally suited the target audience, and there seemed to be full engagement by and with all participants.   Everybody seemed to mix in with each other, which I reckon for a bunch of blokes is no mean feat.  So well done mate.”

“For a man to share what is on his heart and what God has placed there for him to share to the group at that time was so great to hear”

“Wonderful message.  Very thought provoking & I was able to release offences I’ve been holding towards God and my wife”

“Great to allow questions & comments from the group, which gave a great personal understanding of the session”

“He speaks from personal experience, which is important.  His submission to God is a powerful story & will be life-changing for many”

“What a fantastic message! I was moved to tears by the story “Arms wide open”.  God used this message to speak to me about getting free from the fear of man.”

“Outstanding.  Clear, concise and powerful.  Inspiring me to insist in spending more time in His (Gods) presence.”

“Man Camp has been beyond expectation.”

“Every talk was God ordained for me. I really appreciate your obedience to God & Sharing what was on all your hearts. I have been blessed.”

“To hear the testimonies of men that have shown the miracles that God has done in their lives is so encouraging for the things which are challenging me.”

“This is a great ministry with practical application.  Great testimonies from the team and participants.  I will come again.  I have learnt some new things this weekend”

“I was expecting God to move, and He did.  I received a new experience of who I am.  Got to eject baggage that I had carried for 40+ years.”

“The prayer team prayed for my back and knees, the healing came and has been getting better the whole weekend, no pain.  Praise the Lord”

Don’t think about coming to Man Camp, just do it. You are invited to join us – Man Camp 2016

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