“This camp is changing the world, one heart at a time”

The camp is aimed at connecting men, providing teaching, inspiration, activities and worship designed to bring a man’s heart alive for Jesus. There is nothing more dangerous to our enemy than when a man’s heart comes alive.

Using the Bible and the Holy Spirit’s inspiration, our team spends the year seeking God to prepare our hearts and the weekend’s content. We seek God’s guidance to present subjects and activities that will engage with each man, provide answers and direction in his life and allow him to become the man God designed him to be. These are not rehashed sessions from other speakers, these are truly inspired teachings.

“I’ve never been on a camp before where the program totally suited the target audience, and there seemed to be full engagement by and with all participants.   Everybody seemed to mix in with each other, which I reckon for a bunch of blokes is no mean feat.  So well done.”

The camp is open to all men from 16yo who seek a change in their Heart and life. If you are under 18 (16-17) you can only attend with a male parent or legal guardian.


25-27 October 2019

While the video below refers to our camp in 2015, it is still very much applicable today.

Man Camp is a Ministry of the Wesleyan Methodist Church of Australia but is in no way limited to this denomination. This is a Kingdom focused camp for Men. Our team is happy to provide material, teaching and support to any men at any church or out of church. The core team behind Man Camp operates out of Axis Church‘s Ministry to Men known.

“This is a great ministry with practical application.  Great testimonies from the team and participants.  I will come again.  I have learnt new things this weekend”

Registration details on this page.

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