Man Camp Express

“This camp is changing the world, one heart at a time”

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Man Camp has run for the past 3 years, with 3 successful camps under our belts. The impact of the teaching at each of these camps has been life changing. The experience of getting away with a bunch of blokes, being inspired by awesome teaching and impacted by the move of the Holy Spirit, is indescribable without being there. You won’t find a previous attendee who doesn’t light up and get excited when sharing their experience of Man Camp. We trusted in the Lord to use this camp and these men to change the world, one heart at a time and we have not been disappointed.

Now it’s your turn to experience a touch of Man Camp without needing to leave work early, save up money or get a weekend pass. Man Camp Express is a single day event that will let you experience some of the best talks of the last three years – retold & condensed, hear some of the testimonies from Man Camp, and let you connect with other men.

Arrive:  8:30am Saturday TBA

Finish: 4:00pm Saturday TBA

Where: TBA

Registration:   TBA

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We’re not selling anything at this event so there is no need for spending money, we want to invest into you, not fleece you. So the cost above for the event is it from our end.